Every individual on the planet is valuable; everyone deserves our care and attention; helping others can make an enormous difference.  These fundamental beliefs reflect our values:
  • SERVING OTHERS – Volunteering time, effort and caring in behalf of others is the most certain way to find true happiness. Those who volunteer serve as examples for future generations to improve our world.  Our Ambassadors, as part of our program, volunteer both locally and abroad!

  • EXPANDING HORIZONS – Participants in travel and service broaden their global appreciation of cultural differences—potentially positive experiences that are transformative for themselves and others.

  • DEVELOPING LEADERS – Participants make meaningful connections through shared experiences. They are able to build confidence, shape vision, improve communication skills and inspire others, the hallmarks of leadership.

  • IMPACTING GLOBALLY – Our expert travel partners closely monitor and evaluate their projects with the local communities they serve. Their projects add significant value to the environment and/or to the local people they support and are sustained over time. By participating in the projects of our partner organizations, our volunteers make meaningful contributions while they learn and grow.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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