Student ambassadors are the focal point of our mission.  Through these young adult students, our values are represented around the globe!  They serve others and/or participate in important research all of which improves our planet while at the same time broadening their own horizons.  Our 2021 Candidates include young adults from California and Illinois.  There is additional information at the bottom of this page related to the support of our candidates through the links on this page.

(All travel for the 2020 Candidates had to be cancelled due to COVID 19.  We hope that by the summer of 2021, it will be possible for young people to safely travel again.  We are holding spots for each of our original 2020 candidates so if it is safe, at their option, they will be able to travel during 2021.)

Christopher Gonzalez

Orange County, CA

Christopher plans to travel during the summer of 2020 to work alongside experienced archaeologists on ancient Incan and Wari excavation sites in Peru traveling with our partner, Projects Abroad.

Link HERE to help Christopher cover incidental travel costs he will incur while volunteering abroad during Summer 2020.

Christopher Huerta

Orange County, CA

During the summer of 2020, Christopher plans to support community efforts working with elephants, relieved from their previous lives in the tourism industry.  This volunteering project is one offered by our travel partner, GVI.

Link HERE to help Chris cover incidental travel costs he will incur while volunteering abroad during Summer 2020.

Jerzo Castellanos

Orange County, CA

Jerzo is planning to travel to Costa Rica with our travel partner, GVI.  His efforts will focus on Jaguar conservation in Tortuguero National Park.  Exposure to Sea Turtles (and other wildlife) are likely, given the name of the park.  All will be invaluable experiences complimenting Jerzo’s pursuit of a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine.

Link HERE to help Jerzo cover incidental travel costs he will incur while volunteering abroad during Summer 2020.

Payton MaKenzie Kearns

Adams County, IL

Payton is planning to travel to Ghana, Africa this summer where she will focus on Women’s Economic Empowerment and Vocational Training.  Payton’s volunteer efforts will aim to improve financial independence, employment prospects and to boost confidence and quality of life for Ghanaian women. Payton will travel with our partner, GVI.

Link HERE to help Payton cover incidental travel costs she will incur while volunteering abroad during Summer 2020.

Donation information related to the support of Ambassador candidate travel:

Specific Ambassador Candidate Support: Each Ambassador candidate has a fundraising goal of $500.  Fundraising is required for candidates to receive the program award ($5,000 approx. value).   The amount they raise (up to $500 max.) will be provided to them to offset incidental travel costs/costs while away. If a specific candidate receives donations in excess of $500 or is unable to travel for any reason, donations made with the intent of supporting a specific candidate will be used to support other candidates.

Future Year Program Campaigns: If you wish to support partial or full sponsorship(s) of future year Ambassadors, please consider mailing a check to avoid the PayPal processing fees.  Link here to donate online towards future year campaigns.  Our 3 Ambassador trips in 2019 had an average cost of $5,100 each.  You can donate any amount you wish or chose to sponsor a day ($180), a week ($1,250), two weeks ($2,500) or a full travel experience ($5,000).  In the autumn we determine how many Ambassadors we can send the following summer based on campaign program donations received for that year and other sponsor recurring monthly commitments.

Export Hope Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and if you itemize, your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep the email donation confirmation you receive from PayPal as your official record. PayPal will send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.  For donations received by mail, we will provide a receipt; please include your email address to receive it electronically.

Thanks for considering the support of our travel volunteers!